Gourmet Festival in Budapest

Gourmet Budapest 2013 | 31. May – 2. June 2013 | Millenáris Park, Budapest

The Budai Gourmet Festival in Budapest is taking place since 2007 in the area of Millenaris Park (behind Mamut Shopping Center) and is all about good food and drinks. Mainly there are booths with wine makers, deli stores and restaurants who show off their products and services in a long weekend festival – the Budai Gourmet. At first sight one might think that good cuisine and Hungary don’t really belong together and its all about Goulash Soup and Tokaj wines but guess what, you are wrong. To convince yourself Budai Gourmet Festival is the best place to do so. Here you will find the proof that Hungary is full of very good restaurants, small but fantastic wine makers and that there are stores in Budapest who can sell you every little specialty you need no matter where you are from.

So back to the Budai Gourmet Festival which entirely is focused on food and drinks such as local Hungarian wines or Pálinka, restaurants offer either small 3 course menus or little bits and bobs to taste. The deli stores usually also have a small tasting section to show the products they have on shelf but it would be impossible to list them all so you rather visit the Budai Gourmet Festival yourself and have a look.

If you are interested in food and specialties from around the world Budai Gourmet is really a fantastic festival to go to and additionally it is much calmer than the other festivals so its also nice to go there with children and have a relaxed Saturday afternoon outside.

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Budai Gourmet News

  • Gourmet Festival 2013 Exhibitors Next weekend the brilliant Gourmet Festival takes places at Millenáris Park in Budapest as the previous years as well. A little world full of great food and drinks presented by restaurants, gourmet shops and wine producers. This years exhibitors of the Gourmet Festival in Budapest are the following: Restaurants 21 – Hungarian Restaurant Anyukám mondta Arany Kaviár Restaurant Aranyszarvas Babel Delicate ...
  • No Budai Gourmet for me As I was out of town last weekend I did not have the chance to visit the Budai Gourmet Festival 2012 in Budapest but as I have heard and read it was a success with many visitors and of course great food and drinks. For foodies the Budai Gourmet is the festival to go to. ...
  • Budai Gourmet announces first exhibitors On the Budai Gourmet Facebook page the first exhibitors have been announced over the weekend. From the restaurants that will take part the following 3 have been mentioned: Costes Restaurant in Budapest Restaurant Kistücsök from Lake Balaton Villa Bagatelle in Budapest Costes is everywhere rated as “one of the best” restaurants in Hungary even though very expensive. Kistücsök is ...
  • Dates for Pálinka Festival and Budai Gourmet confirmed Finally there is confirmation about the dates of the Budapest Pálinka Festival and the Budai Gourmet in Millenaris Park. We had to wait some time to get exact dates but now you can mark your calendars and get excited. Well at least for the Pálinka Festival as it takes place next month already, whereas for ...
  • Still no dates for Budai Gourmet and Pálinka Festival From time to time I am checking the official websites of all festivals to check if dates have been announced but neither for the Budai Gourmet Gastro Festival nor the very popular Pálinka Festival have been announced so far. Mind you they are taking place in late summer and tickets are always avaiable so there ...

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Budai Gourmet Information

Location: Millenaris Park, Budapest
Entrance Fee: 2.900 HUF per day per person
Official Website: Click here

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