Budapest Beer Festival

Budapest Beer Festival 2013 | 13. – 16. August 2013 | Buda Castle
Budapest takes pride in brewing beer with a great quality and also enjoy beer of other countries. So much so, that an organized 4-day beer festival is hosted at the Buda Castle to bring all the beer-lovers together, whether you‘re a consumer, producer or both! At The Buda Castle Beer festival visitors will have a chance to taste beer specialties, learn about the history of beer making and learn how to draw a drought. The festival is held at the magnificent Buda Castle offering amazing views with a cultural setting. It brings almost 100 domestic and international beers as well as, famous and not so famous beer types to Budapest for a wide range of variety.

Well known breweries like Borsodi, Dreher and Heineken along with microbreweries are present to showcase their products. Borsodi Brewery delivers different nations’ beers to the visitors of the festival: besides German, Czech and Belgian drinks it brings specialties which could not have been tasted anywhere in Hungary before. Dreher Brewery also has different interesting programs like their beer history exhibition and special tasting opportunities. Other sources of entertainment are the live performances, such as stand-up comedy and live music. After the hours of midnight the event turns into a disco for the younger crowd to enjoy.

Aside from the wide selection of beer and events that take place, you can get plenty of delicious traditional Hungarian cuisine to pair along with your beer.

Budapest Beer Festival Information

Opening Hours:
25th – 26th Aug: 12.00-03.00
27th Aug: 10.00-03.00
28th Aug: 10.00-24.00

Entrance fee:
Day-pass is HUF 1,690 and it includes a pint of beer.
Event-pass for HUF 4,990

Beer lovers come and enjoy the golden, brown, pale amber, stout beer rainbow colours and the fizzy bubbles.

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