Budapest Christmas Fair

While in Budapest during the holidays you can visit the Budapest annual Christmas fair. Being among the best ten markets in Europe, it offers a spectacular range of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. It takes place from the end of November till the end of December in heart of the city of Budapest, in Vörösmarty Square.

This festival is full of local Hungarian people and is also a tourist hot spot. Its a place where everyone can get together and celebrate the holidays.

A major focus of the festival is the taste of traditional Hungarian food like kenyérlángos (a flat bread like dough cooked in a cob oven), rétes (strudel), kürtőskalács (a cone-shaped sweet yeast cake),pecsenye (A huge variety of roast meats), traditional Hungarian stews perfect for the winter and last but not least, the most of typical winter drinks, forralt bor (delicious warm mulled wine).

At the fair, artists of all types including craftsmen and folk artisans sell their goods which are handmade. The quality is guaranteed as all goods are checked by the Association of the Hungarian Folk Artists (Népművészeti Egyesületek Szövetsége).

Various cultural and musical events are connected to the winter festival, and every year there is a Nativity play performance. There are many musical performances which give tourists a taste of some traditional Hungarian music. An advent calendar is placed in the windows of the Gerbeaud Patisserie in Vörösmarty Square. On top of that the square is also used annually by many locals and tourists alike to ring in the new year in what can only be described as an experience unique to Budapest and it’s vibrant and young culture.

Budapest Christmas Fair Information

Metro line 1 Vörösmarty tér stop
Metro line 1 can be reached most easily at Deak Ferenc Ter stop which has connections to all
three metro lines

Opening Hours:
18th November-30th December : 10.00-20.00 daily
24th December: 10.00-14.00
Market is closed on 25th and 26th December

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