Budapest Fringe Festival

Once a year Budapest host one of its many festivals known as the Budapest Fringe Festival. The festival is held on the last two days of the Spring Festival and its reason is to allow less known artists both from Hungary and foreign countries to portray their artwork freely. The 60 year old festival is greatly appreciated and increases in popularity yearly, offering so many shows for everyone to enjoy.

The “Fringe Festival Society” was founded in 1958 and it performs several different duties regarding the setup of the show, they also provide a free hand to all performers to the Fringe, through allowing the right to all sorts of productions to take place, indiscriminately, therefore anyone can perform at this open festival.

On the opening day of the Festival, the “Fringe Festival Society” host a picnic for the local residence to apologize for any possible disturbance that might occur during the festival. It is known as “Fringe Sunday” and it is held at the harbour district, and offers around 150 free performances.

Today, there also sponsors to the Fringe Festival known as “Friends of the Fringe”. They help the festival with financial donations and in return they have ticket booking priority and other advantages.

An example of the magnitude of the Fringe Festival: in 2008, there was a total of 2607 performers.
323 performing groups present 224 hours of program (444.5 hours including set-up and break down). There were 16 stages operating simultaneously, and an average of 4 performances every hour.

This festival is sure to leave you excited about all the up and coming artists.

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