Budapest Wine Festival

Budapest Wine Festival 2013 | 11. – 15. September 2013 | Budai Vár (Castle Disctrict)

Budapest Wine FestivalThe Budapest Wine Festival is a festival for Hungarian Wines which takes place every year in the Castle District of Budapest. Since 1991 wine producers from all over Hungary present their wines, no matter if red, white, rose or even champagne, in a beautiful environment in the historic castle district above Budapest. During this weekend most of the castle district is filled up with little booths where the winemakers offer wine tastings for a small amount of money. If you would like to go to the wine festival you have to pay entrance before entering, the fee is 2.500 HUF (approx. 10€) per day and it includes several things like a crystal glass for tasting, a glass holding bag which you can put around your neck, free entrance to the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest Historical Museum, you can listen to all the concerts and much more. The entrance for children under 12 is free of charge.

You can find here wines from all major wine regions in Hungary which are:

North Transdanubia including Ászár-Neszmély, Etyek-Buda, Mór, Pannonhalma and Sopron
Balaton including Badacsony, Balatonfelvidék, Balatonfüred-Csopak, Dél-Balaton, Nagy-Somló and Zala
South Pannonia including Pécs, Villány and Szekszárd
Duna including Csongrád, Hajós-Baja and Kunság
Upper Hungary including Eger, Mátra and Bükkalja
Tokaj which is an own region producing mainly the famous Hungarian sweet wine called Tokaj

After the news you can find more information like images, videos and much more about the Budapest Wine festival but have a look at the recent news first.

Budapest Wine Festival News

  • Wine festival 2013 – The Exhibitors Curious what exhibitors will be at the Wine Festival 2013 in Budapest? What wines to taste, which regions to give a try? Here is the full list of this years wine festival in the Buda Castle which starts in 15 days. 2HA Szőlőbirtok és Pincészet Aklan Családi Pincészet Antik Rétes Arte e Cozinha – Portugália Ízei Ax & Ax Borászat Babits ...
  • The Map for Budapest Wine Festival 2013 Knowing where to go for which glass of wine can be of advantage as the wine festival gets bigger and bigger every year. Therefore the map of the wine festival 2013 in Budapest is a great help. Check it out to not get lost – click to enlarge the map.
  • Wine Festival dates announced Few days ago the famous Budapest Wine Festival 2013 finally got its dates. Between September 11th and 15th 2013 you have the chance to try all wines from Hungary in the famous Buda Castle. In 5 days many exhibitors from all over the country will present their latest creations to thousands of people in a ...
  • ALL Exhibitors on Budapest Wine Festival 2012 On this years Budapest Wine Festival in 210 pavilions the best wine makers from all over Hungary will showcase their products and be available for talks and questions throughout the time of the festival (12.-16. September 2012). As every year all popular wine regions will have their spot on the festival. Here is the complete ...
  • Wine Festival 2012 dates announced The Budapest Wine Festival in 2012 will take place from September 12th till 16th as usual in the Budai Vár (Budapest Castle). Further information about exhibitors or detailed programs are not yet published. Stay tuned for further information.
  • Opening Hours for the Wine Festival in 2011 The exact dates and times of opening for the Budapest Wine Festival are out. The Wine Festival will take place from September 7th until September 11th. Here are the exact opening hours: 07-08 September 2011, 14-23h 09 September 2011, 12-23h 10-11 September 2011, 10-23h As usual the wine festival is not open till very late but for a good ...
  • Budapest Wine Festival 2011 Exhibitors Here is the official list of all exhibitors of the Budapest Wine Festival 2011 sorted in alphabetical order. I for myself like very much the Duzsi Tamás wines as well as the Gere brothers (Tamás and Attila). So have a look if your favorite wine maker will be attending the Wine Festival in 2011: A Borklub Achs & Achs ...

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Budapest Wine Festival Information

Location: Budai Vár (Castle Disctrict)
Entrance Fee: 2.500 HUF per person per day
For more information visit the Offical Website.

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