Hungarian National Gallop in Budapest

Heroes’ Square Budapest
Hungarian National Gallop (Nemzeti Vagta) in Budapest is a equestrian type festival filled with lots of culture, fun and excitement. The festival takes place at one of Budapest top tourist attractions, Heroes’ square. The festival is held yearly around the middle of September for 3 days. The “National Gallop organizers believe, that this is a slice of Hungary well-worth to show the world, and it is time to re-think Hungarian traditions in a way that the rest of world would be keen to understand, get to know, and be part of this experience.”

The Magyar tribes who finally settled down in the Carpathian basin and founded the Hungarian state in 1896 were horse riders. And for more than 1000 years the citizens of Hungary have kept the horse riding traditions around. Apart from the horse riding race to which teams of Hungarian settlements can enter and compete against each other, other spectacular shows, crafts fair, show jumping, polo horse match, special coach-driving race, free horse riding and a range of other interesting programs are available to entertain visitors. At the festival there are performances given by professional horse riders while wearing traditional Hussar costumes from the 19th century.

It is a highly anticipated festival, where one is sure to get a taste of true Hungarian culture. Horse riders from all over the country show of their excellent riding skills and beautiful horses. Visitors also get the chance to taste Hungarian cuisine, which can be found set up in tents around the festival. The National Gallop is a free event. VIP tickets and tickets to grandstand (seated) are also available.

Hungarian National Gallop Information

Heroes’ Square, Andrássy Avenue, 56-Hosok tere
Getting there:
M1 (yellow) metro line to Heroes’ Square metro station
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