International Book Festival in Budapest

18. – 21. April 2013 – Millenáris Park Budapest
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The International Book Festival of Budapest is one of the largest book fairs in Central and Eastern Europe, being held for the 19th time in 2012. This event is a joint effort of 19 EU-member countries. It is hosted at the end of April and it is the 20th largest in the world.

The festival is held at Millenáris, which offers a large exhibition giving better accessibility with a modern atmosphere and a rich cultural milieu. Every year there are a wide range of amazing authors and guests from foreign to Hungarian, who display a large collection of books from world literature to domestic intellectual life. World famous writers like Salman Rushdie, Robert Merle, Lawrence Norfolk, and Mario Vargas Llosa have won the grand prize of the festival in previous years. The festival is recognized as one of the important professional and intellectual forums of the region, where trade meeting and conferences are held on the key issues of the book market.

The festival is open to everyone and brings about 50,000-60,000 visitors annually, with over 50,000 book being sold. Guests are able to get a taste of the cultures and literature of Italy, France, Germany, Russia, and Spain not only through the books but through the festivals four days of combined arts. For example, the literary evenings, book premieres, talks, film screenings, theatre performances, and exhibitions, all adding variety to the program.

Children are also welcome to the ‘Children’s Lit Kingdom’ part of the festival known in Hungarian as Gyerek birodalom, where there are special programs for kids.

Budapest International Book Festival Information

MILLENÁRIS H-1024 Budapest
Kis Rókus u. 16-20., Hungary
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