Mangalica Festival Budapest

Mangalica Festival Budapest

Mangalica Festival Budapest

7. – 9. Februar 2014 – Szabadság Tér
The Mangalica Festival in Budapest is all about the pig but not some pig, it is about the Mangalica pig. The Mangalica is a special breed that is mostly know from Hungary and looks rather like a sheep pig hybrid, the wooly hair of the sheep and the body of a pig. Have a look at the pictures belowto see what it looks like or check out the Wikipedia article for more information. However the Mangalica Festival in Budapest is a must go festival if you like meat because the Mangalica products are a delicacy. Producers of Mangalica products create all kinds of products out of this special pig just like they do with normal pigs such as sausage, bacon, ham and so on. It is not really describably how Mangalica tastes like, it is not that much different from a normal pig though, but the taste is a little different as well as the quality of the meat.

The Mangalica Festival in Budapest always takes place in the beginning of February and from 2012 onwards in a new location which is the SZABADSÁG Tér instead of the City Park. In the 3 days producers and exhibitors from all over Hungary present their, mostly hand made, products and some even bring their pigs for showcasing so If you always have been interested how a Mangalica looks and tastes like have a go. You can also experience a typical Hungarian cooking competition which is fun to watch and you can try from different pots.

Since 2008 the Mangalica Festival in Budapest is organized by the VarioEvent Kft. and until 2011 it took place in the City Park of Budapest, from 2012 onwards it will take place in the 5th district on Szabadság tér. Find on the bottom of this page a description about the organizer and why they organize the Mangalica Festival.

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  • News about Mangalica Festival 2014 The new dates for the 2014 edition of the Mangalica Festival have been announced. On the weekend of 7th – 9th of February the festival takes place with opening hours from 9 am to 10 pm. Exibitors from all over the country are presenting their Mangalica products as well as other products that go well ...
  • Date announced: Mangalica Festival 2013 The dates for this years Mangalica Festival in Budapest have been announced recently. Between 8th and 10th of February you can enjoy everything around the funny looking pick from Hungary. Eat sausages, stews and so much more with a beer next to it. The second weekend of February the festival will be held on Szabadság ...
  • Nice video about the Mangalica Festival I just stumbled across a nice little video of the Mangalica Festival in Budapest which was shot (or at least uploaded) in 2011 by Gastro TV. It shows very nice what the Mangalica festival is like and I think demonstrates the atmosphere at the festival. Though in Hungarian even non-Hungarian speakers get an idea about ...
  • Exhibitors of the Mangalica Festival 2012 On the 5th Mangalica Festival in Budapest this year you will again find the best and most famous producers of mangalica products in Hungary. The list is long and the quality high. Already next month the Mangalica Festival in Budapest will take place so get prepared and do not plan anything between February 3rd and ...

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Location: Szabadság Tér, 1054 Budapest
Visit the official Website (Hungarian only)

Here is some information about how the Mangalica Festival started in 2008 and what was the motivation to do it. It is a free translation.

When we started working in 2007, the first festival is a major goal of the domestic producers Mangalica familiarization outside the traditions of creation and this was all the board also voiced. I am pleased to report that this goal is reached, the tradition was Mangalica festivals and now the whole country knows that February is traditionally the first weekend of the festival Mangalica . A “was the way you do not miss járatlanért” We can not change the truth of the concept. We will continue to provide free access for everyone. In addition to excellent Hungarian portékákkal Mangalica products, great bands, children’s programs, live animal exhibition and competition, the inevitable cooking for everyone.

Over the next short time, all of our sites are updated, so you should visit the back-to-date information, programs can be aware of who is interested in this event.

We believe our success so far and will continue to be more widely known to the farmers and their domestic mangalica prepared delicacies.

Because of the delicate Mangalica products that no one contests!

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