Museum Festival Budapest

Budapest offers year-round entertainment in the form of festivals, cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, sporting events, and national celebrations. One of these many type of festivals includes the Museum festival which is not only for the culture vultures, but also a great way to enjoy a day in Budapest with friends and family, strolling the gorgeous park that surrounds the National Museum and sit on the steps where Sándor Petőfi famously demanded independence from Austria on March 15, 1848.

The Hungarian National Museum hosts the free, two-day Museum Festival at the end of May as part of the annual Museum May Day series. More than 100 museums from all over Hungary take part on this weekend festival. In the garden of the Hungarian National Museum, where the festivities takes place, you can find it cram-packed with exhibitions from over 100 museums, live music, dance and theatrical performances using the huge stairs leading up to the Museum as a stage.

It is also a day to partake in crafts and get your hands a little dirty. You can find booths with a wide range of fun activates for all ages. While enjoying the artsy side of yourself, adults and children can mold clay, paint portraits and take photos. Of course, there are also options to buy beautiful creations from professional artists at the courtyard crafts fair.

The Museum festival isn’t only fun, its free! What better what to enjoy and discover the Hungarian culture than to mingle with the locals.

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