33. Budapest Spring Festival

22. March – 07. April 2013
Every Spring, the locals and tourists in Budapest gather together to celebrate the blooming spring. It is known as the city’s largest annual cultural event called the Spring Festival. It is well known for its classical music concerts but there is also other genres and theater performances available. This event is quite popular, it’s been attracting thousands of sophisticated culture vultures for many decades, approximately one third of the visitors come from foreign countries. It is a widely diverse event and very entertaining; a great way to experience the culture.

In 2005 the Budapest Spring Festival won the European Cultural Award. The Festival takes place in the last two weeks of March every year. The Spring festival provides a wide range of the arts, excellent selection of Hungarian artists and there is performances from international artists as well. The festival has developed into one of Europe’s major cultural events and it attracts many classical music, opera and jazz fans from all around the world. There are around 200 events planned in the festival program, giving plenty of variety for everyone to enjoy.

Every year, there is always a different central theme or a highlighted artist, such as Haydn in 2009 and Franz Liszt in 2011. The festival also host a guest country. Budapest Spring Festival celebrated its 31st birthday in 2011.The location of the event changes every year. The most used arenas during the Spring Festival is the National Theatre, the Palace of Arts, the State Opera, St. Stephens Basilica and the Thalia Theatre.

If you wish to see something unique while visiting the festival, the ‘100 member Gypsy Orchestra
concert’ is a great option. You can always find something to surprise you, it has more to offer than
the mainstream cultural festivals seen in several countries.

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