Titanic Film Festival Budapest

05.-13. April 2013
Budapest host the greatest international film festival in Hungary known as the Titanic Film Festival. The 10-day film festival, held from mid to late march, attracts a range of people from tourist and locals to view its wide collection of films. The first Titanic Film Festival was held in 1994 and has continued to do so every year, meanwhile increasing its popularity.

The Titanic Film Festival aims to “collect a wide variety of daringly new, original, and trend-breaking motion pictures from every possible corner of the world; be it dark comedies, emotionally charged drama, genre films, or documentaries.” Venues for the showings include 4 art cinemas in Budapest, including the Urania Cinema.

The films that are shown during the festival are broken down into categories and themes, and awards are handed out to the best of the category. Titanic, under the guidance of festival director György Horváth became a competition-based festival in 2006. The ‘Breaking Waves’ award designed by artist Luca Görömbe, is awarded to the most outstanding, daring and innovative film of the festival every year.

The movies that are selected for the festival are able to surprise the public, display something new, whether it be a “South-Korean thriller, an Irish revenge tale, Japanese anime or French love story.” Titanic Film Festival has also formed a partnership with Raindance, a film festival in London, this means that a selection of Raindance films will be showcased at Titanic Film Festival and vice versa at the Raindance Film Festival in London, which is held late September- early October.

For more information regarding dates, performers and locations please visit the Titanic Film Festival site: http://www.titanicfilmfest.hu/

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